Paleo Chile Relleno







Click to see video  Chile Relleno Slow Food

Paleo Chile Relleno Recipe

6-8 med size ancho peppers

raw milk cheese,  raw milk is paleo

click for recipe Raw Milk “New Cheese” Best Ever!

coconut flour for dusting,    Coconut flour is

Paleo, gluten-free, high in fiber,& low in carbs

lard for frying, from farmstead clean non-GMO pig fat

Click picture to see video recipe DSC02024

6 eggs, best from local free rang hens, fed organic non-GMO


Seperate eggs. Let come to room temperature.  Roast

peppers as shown to blister skin.  Place in paper bag.

1 hour so so later, peel skins from peppers.  Make a small

slit to open.  Remove seeds & veins. Insert cheese & press

closed.   Coat in coconut flour.  Whip egg whites to firm

peeks.  Whip yolks.  Fold yolks into whites.  Bring 2 inches

of lard to 350 degrees.  One at a time (I use my hands)

coat relleno  with eggs. Carefully place in hot lard.  Use

a large spoon to gently cover egg mixture on relleno with

hot lard.  When golden on bottom, flip over (I use a fish

fryer to turn and later remove).  Drain on towels. I like a

bit of sauce, made of simmered grass-fed ground beef,

tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, pepper and




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