Camembert Baked in Puff Pastry

After watching the Barefoot Contesa prepare warm “Vacherin Mont d’Or” cheese, I thought it would be a perfect holiday treat. It is French and available only in season. According to the cheese monger at my local O’Brien’s Market the French cheese is not sold in the US. He showed me “Petit Vaccarinus” from Switzerland which he recommended as an alternate. The price was over $40, and it was small. Time for plan “B” I decided, Baked Camembert. Cost just over $13 and bigger. Cross-referencing the web for baked Camembert I noticed really beautiful pictures of brie or Camembert sliced in half sideways, stuffed and baked in puff pastry. That’s what I did, and it was OMG good! Everybody loved it. Here is the recipe in pictures. The Puff pastry I used was Pepperidge Farms frozen, I just followed the directions on the box for thawing.

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