Late Harvest Pico De Gallo

Late Harvest Pico De Gallo

It’s amazing how sometimes there are enough tomatoes and peppers left in the late gardened for this.  A squeeze of lime or lemon is a common ingredient along with cilantro and garlic, but not mandatory.  Some times the peppers, tomatoes and tomatillo are roasted first and the tough blister skins removed. It can be made simple just fresh and chopped or roasted for a more complex sauce. Your imagination can take it to whole new epicurean delights.  I’ve thought of adding chopped soaked and dried nuts. Pumpkin seeds work well with salsa and mole sauces.  Another idea, is incorporating fresh fruits.  It’s good to let the salsa rest 20 minutes or so for the flavors to enhance, but it’s best to eat right away.  Enjoy!  A bit of cilantro is also a nice addition.


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Late Harvest Pico de gallo

Late Harvest Pico de gallo

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