Paleo Gluten Free Low Carb Chia Seed Gravy Sauce

This is additional information for my video  “Paleo Gluten Free Low Carb Chia Seed Gravy Sauce” .        DSC03704 (1)DSC03740DSC03695DSC03743DSC03762

Start with best quality local meat you can find and afford.DSC03759 DSC03727 Give meat a layer of fat and seasoning.  Example: for poultry click on picture to see my Video    DSC03689  “Herb Butter for Fast Roasting Tender Juicy Turkey” .  Season Roast with olive oil or clean animal fat and dry spices.  Pan or oven sear meat at the highest temperature, just until browned.  DSC03753  If oven roasting add 1/2 to 1 cup of broth in bottom of pan.  Reduce to low heat Poultry 325 most roast 225 to 300, cook until done to your liking. Most cook books suggest.  Finish tempts: Poultry 165 in center of breast.  Beef Roast 120-140 (rare to medium-rare).  Pork Roast 170-185.  Lamb Roast 150-160.

Mix Chia seeds.  1/4 cup seeds with 3/4 cup filtered water.  Cover and allow to soak at least 1 hour.  Do ahead or leftover soaked chia seeds, place in refrigerator.

DSC03756DSC03760  Deglaze pan drippings with broth.  Scrape the pan well, all the little bits stuck to the pan are flavor bombs you want in your sauce or gravy.  To learn how to make your own broth.  See video DSC03497 or post Turkey Bone Broth Miracle Food made from Turkey Trash!  This is a do, way ahead ingredient other options are; filtered water, and a squeeze of fresh citrus, or store bought broth.

Blend Chia seeds.  DSC03740 They get sort of creamy, but with little tiny black specks. Add mixture 1/4 cup at a time whipping in until you get the thickness you like. Some cooks add a bit of acidity, often wine which is not Paleo, or low carb.  A squeeze of citrus can be used instead.  I just taste and adjust accordingly adding any last minute seasoning too.  After carving Poultry or slicing roast, add juices from plate for more enhancement.


The rich sauce or gravy makes already succulent meats over the top with flavor.  Once you learn how to make these you’ll never stop!





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