Lard and other Saturated, & Natural Fats are Super Foods

DSC02024DSC01751DSC01543016DSC01671DSC01668DSC01672DSC01596012021 Lard and other Saturated, & Natural Fats are Super Foods.  Rendered fats, from animals raised in farm-stead organic type environments and not fed GMO’s, are super foods!  Lard along with other saturated fats, used in traditional ways for cooking and eating are necessary for your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins, and also provide needed ones and hormones.  Natural fats suppress appetite, help your leptin response, help your body burn fat, reduce asthma and metabolic diseases.  Nature only makes good fats.  Mass marketed vegetable oils, margarines, hydrogenated fats and low-fat spreads are not natural.  Regrettably after years of disinformation, it has become more and more clear that the once proclaimed as healthy,  “Low-fat /High-carb diet” is the worst thing for your health.  In fact the fats recommended on that diet, such as canola oil contain unhealthy Trans Fats!  Dr. Cate Shanahan  brilliantly explains in her book “Deep Nutrition” how all vegetable oils are bad, not only because they all have trans fats, (regardless of what their labels say), but also because when you cook with them they cause a “free radicals cascade” blasting you with “Mega Trans” causing metabolic syndrome.  In other words making people sick.  Further on, this post provides evidence from authorities who can document the benefits of eating a diet rich in saturated fats, as well as others natural fats and lower in carbohydrates.

Here is a list of the most available good fats:

  • Lard & tallow from animals raised in farm-stead organic type environments and not fed GMO’s.  Do not buy manufactured products that contain any hydrogenated fats (easy recipe video for home-made lard, “Home-made Lard is a super food!”
  • Butter, cream, whole milk, cheese and other whole fat dairy from pastured cows, living in farm-stead organic type environments and not fed GMO’s, best from a safe raw source, or only pasteurized. Do not use homogenized, or ultra pasteurized dairy products.
  • Olive oil, no GMOs extra virgin, cold pressed.  Coconut, palm, walnut, macadamia nut,  avocado and peanut oil, again no GMOs, and least processed.

Trans Fats are a type of fat which is uncommon in nature but can be created artificially. Here is a list of some of the most common vegetable oils, all are BAD, and should not be used and are often an ingredient in most packaged foods.

  • Canola oil
  • Cotton seed oil
  • Corn oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Soy oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • All margarines

The reason you may not believe that saturated fats along with other natural whole fats are good for you, is because for years we have been indoctrinated into believing the “Lipid Hypotheses” which is wrong.  We were told that eating cholesterol caused cardiac disease, and that a “low-fat high-carbohydrate diet” would cure that.  For years unnatural manufactured hydrogenated fats like, hydrogenated cotton seed oil in Crisco, in other words Trans-fats (outlawed in N.Y. City since 2006) were said to be healthy.  The horrific result from years of using these trans-fats and low-fat spreads, coupled with high carbohydrate consumption (the carbohydrates become sugar regardless if from whole grains, pastry, squash or fruit) are huge increases in heart disease, and an epidemic of metabolic syndrome.  People are much sicker now, after years of following the low-fat diet.  Please feel free to click on the following links to learn more about this horrible miss-information,  why it’s wrong, and who is responsible.

The first is a video “Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They’re Good for You” by Dr. Donald Miller, a cardiac surgeon and teacher at University of Washington School of Medicine and the Seattle VA Medical.  It’s a little long, but first he explains the Lipid hypotheses, then shows how it’s flawed, and the suppression of the truth.  He also gives his recommendations, and references. I find his information through and helpful. Click to see video.   His article “Health Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Saturated-Fat Diet”, is the same information, but in print and with links to the published research and documentation of the cover up.  Click to read

Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, is a true hero he wrote “The Cholesterol Myths” in 2000 and a great deal more books, papers and articles since, far too many to list here:  Click on his “about” to see along with awards and  qualifications.   This is what Amazon has to say about his latest book; “A highly qualified doctor and scientist he has analyzed the studies used to justify the cholesterol hypothesis and demonstrates that the idea that animal fats and cholesterol cause heart disease is based on flimsy, even fraudulent evidence and wishful thinking. He also warns about the dangers of vegetable oils and cholesterol-lowering drugs.  His latest book is “Ignore the Awkward.: How the Cholesterol Myths Are Keep Alive”.   Ravnskov and others are bringing us the truth, we should support them.  Here are a couple of his works

The Skinny on Fats, by Mary G. Enig, PhD & Sally Fallon.  Fallon and Enig are the authors of  the cook book “Nourishing Traditions”.   Dr. Mary Enig told congress of the dangers from tans fats, in vegetable oils, and hydrogenated oils in 1977.  She’s had a horse in this race for a long time, and now it’s finally coming in.

Dr. Cate Shanahan who I mentioned before has developed a complete lifestyle diet for her patients and also the LA Lakers.  Dr. Cate’s books, website, and face book have been the most informative and helpful of all for me.  She is really on it!  Here is an informative article from the Orange County Register about her work with the Lakers.

Dr. Robert Lustig has become very prolific on video since his  “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”   video got over 4 million hits on You Tube.   His latest is a series titled “Complete Skinny on Obesity”   which he considers a Pandemic, not merely the over weight, but also the huge amounts of people of all weight categories with high levels of visceral fat.  He also speaks of increasing numbers of infants born with obesity and how the often ubiquitous hidden and not so hidden sugars are raising havoc with our health and health care system.  I have found his book “Fat Chance”  and watching his videos very helpful. Here is an interesting article about Dr. Lustig

“Pure White and Deadly” by John Yudkin is a book from 1972 warning of the dangers of too much sugar consumption.  He explains hidden sugar, and the problems of sugar abuse, which is actually far worse than in 1972. Dr Robert Lustig M.D up dates the data.


Dr. Cate shared a link.
Breakthrough! For decades some of us have been saying vegetable oil is toxic but we were just basing that advise on biochemistry. Now we actually have a real live human trial that says using these things in place of animal fat increases mortality.

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