Bone Pops And they’re Paleo!

Bone Pops And they’re Paleo!

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Bone broth is not just for soups and sauces.  You can make fascinating, fun popsicle creations.  Jump on the creative band wagon and come up with your own herbal infused concoctions and cold delights.  Here are a few of my own to show you how simply these can be made.

Start with bone broth of any kind.  Click on the last picture for recipes.  Add bits of fresh herbs and or raw cream to ice-cube trays.  Fill with broth and freeze. When cubes are solid enough to insert popsicle sticks, insert them and return to freezer. Remove when set and store in freezer bag. Nothing like sucking on a cold one, on one of these 100 plus days in California’s central valley. Enjoy!

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