Cob Oven 1st Fire, Sourdough Pizza & Bread

DSC04375DSC04376DSC04378DSC04379DSC04380DSC04381DSC04382DSC04383DSC04385DSC04387Oven Good!

Made my Home Made Sourdough Bread click on picture below to see recipe video.


Bread was beyond excellent, perfect crust, crumb, chew and flavor.  What a difference from the same bread made in my conventional oven.

Pinched off about a cup of dough for pizza.  Made Chadwick Cherry Heirloom Tomato Pesto for sauce.  DSC01545   Click on picture to see recipe.

Very simple pizza, just sauce, cheese, Aidells jalapeno salame, and black olives. The pizza was the best I’ve ever made!  And I make great pizza.  It’s that much better from the cob oven.

Next we will put on the insulation layer, which will help hold the heat.  Make the door.  The last step is the finishing plaster layer, to make pretty.

Click on picture below to see the post of what we’ve done so far.


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