1st of the season BLT

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Growing your own tomatoes and the other vegetables is the very best.  2nd would be buying fresh from your local Farmer’s Market, or Co-Op.  Locavore bacon form farmer’s and or meat processors you know and trust.  Pigs raised on pasture, not fed GMO’s, farmstead quality is what to look for, no fed lot, no drugs, or hormones.  In season fresh local avocados are a nice addition.  Clean home-made mayonnaise is a must.  See video “Easy Home-Made Mayonnaise”.   I like a spot of my heirloom tomato ketchup see post,  https://pamstacticalkitchen.com/2013/07/19/slow-food-heirloom-tomato-ketchup/    Fresh slices of Probiotic Lacto-fermented Pickles. See post https://pamstacticalkitchen.com/2013/07/10/probiotic-lacto-fermented-pickles/

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Easy Home-Made Mayonnaise

Easy Home-Made Mayonnaise

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