Squash Pizza?


Squash Pizza

  • 6 one inch thick by 5-6 inch long fresh zucchini
  • pesto or other pizza type sauce
  • meat & cheese  & vegetable toppings

Nothing says summer like zucchini fingers.  This entire entrée can be cooked on an out-door grill.  Pre-heat gas grill or start briquettes .  When ready, char all the squash evenly, by rotating.  When squash feels a little soft, remove and cool.  Slice in half length-ways, and place in an oven proof pan.  Top with your choice of sauce, cheese, meats and or vegetables, just as you would a pizza.  Cover loosely with foil, and return to med-heat. We love using my hand-cut pesto sauce or tomato paste sauce with ingredients from our garden.

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