White Sauce or Béchamel Sauce


Béchamel or White sauce, is the base for an uncountable number of fabulous dishes.  It can be rich, creamy, tantalizingly additive, or worse than canned soup.  This one sauce done right will make successful over the top great epicurean cuisine.

  •  1 cup Butter,  Best Sweet Butter best made with organic raw cream from farmstead grass-feed cows not treaded with hormones, and rBST*.  I love Straus* sweet butter, but it is no longer available in my area often I use Kerrygold* pure Irish Butter.  Option is to make your own:  See video recipe.
  • White Flour:  Best to use organically grown certified unbromated unbleached *Bob’s Red Mill
  • Bone broth click on picture to see recipe DSC02210
  • whole milk, best raw, or cream top organic from pastured cows *Straus
  • spice, sea salt (unrefined * Real Salt) organic fresh ground pepper & Allspice
Butter Home Made

Butter Home Made

Melt butter use medium heat, add an equal amount of flour, mix and cook to make roux.  Once you have the white paste, don’t cook more than a couple of minutes, because it needs to stay white, here’s the kicker though, the mixture needs to be cooked, or it will taste pasty. Add 1-2 tablespoons of home-made bone broth.  Add room temperature whole milk, a little at a time until the consistency is a creamy sauce. Keep whisking, off and on until it bubbles as shown. Blend in spices.  Remove from heat and cover, if it has to sit before adding, top with a thin layer of milk, re-heat and blend before adding.

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